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Jade + Logan | Delhi Engagement Session

Jade + Logan are getting married on December 12th and WE. ARE. EXCITED! We LOVE winter weddings!! They are getting married at St. John’s Church in Delhi, Iowa, with their reception following at the Fairgrounds Pavilion in Manchester. If you’re anything like us, you’re already counting down the days to see how BEAUTIFUL their wedding will be!

“Our go-to line for when people used to ask all the time when we were getting married was “Oh we think 2020 would be a nice year to get married… easy to remember the date and figure out how many years we’ve been married.” Even though we had been together for awhile and frequently turned to our go-to line, I was still surprised on Christmas morning. Logan returned from taking care of farm chores and we were getting ready to head to our families’ houses for Christmas. I was still in my pajamas (grinch onesie pajamas-how festive) when he got home and asked “Are you planning to change?” I wasn’t sure why he was in such a hurry for me to get ready to go. Then he said he had a few gifts for me to open before we left. The last box was a big, light weight box and buried at the bottom was a ring box. Logan got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him.”

“Logan and I met through mutual friends. It wasn’t until after a few years of casually running into each other and the occasional text messages that we started seeing each other. Its funny because our parents have known each other for years and joked that we have a “prearranged marriage” and always thought we should be together. Little did they know Logan and I would fall in love and make the perfect pair! We have been seeing each other for almost 7 years.”


“I love the way Logan makes me feel, that perfect balance of excitement and adventure and comfort and safety. No matter if I’m laughing or crying or dreaming about the future, Logan supports me and make me feel like so loved. He’s hardworking and caring and is really the yang to my yin. He also laughs at my jokes sometimes and thinks I am funny and I love him for that! ”


“As cheesy and textbook as it may sound, we’re excited to build a life we love together. Logan and I really balance each other in our relationship and in life. When we think about and talk about the future we both share in the same goals, wants, and desires and I think that’s an important foundation to continue to build our relationship on.”


“I love Jade’s fun loving personality and willingness to care for and help others.”



Photographer: Mandy Pasker
Hair & Makeup: Textures Salon Spa

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